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Company Overview

           Benchmark is an industrial contractor providing a comprehensive range of services and innovative solutions to our customers ranging from routine equipment maintenance to complex capital projects.

            Benchmark has a singular focus to deliver outstanding customer service with an uncompromising commitment to safety. Our expertise, versatility, and collaborative approach provide the capability to perform all facets of a project and work with all project stakeholders.

Benchmark specializes in...

  • Machinery modification and maintenance
  • Machinery installation and alignment
  • Overhead crane inspection and installation
  • Hydro generator, turbine, and valve refurbishment
  • Facility relocation and expansion

Benchmark serves a variety of industries...

  • Manufacturing
  • Pulp and paper
  • Food processing and packaging
  • Energy and power generation
  • Petroleum and chemical production

Benchmark specializes in...

  • Outstanding safety record
  • An unparalleled reputation for quality and dependability
  • Multi-craft personnel who are highly qualified, trained, and experienced

           Benchmark provides the most comprehensive range of overhead crane services in the industry. Crane inspections are performed as per OSHA and NCCO requirements and installation teams are factory trained to ensure quality and consistency.

Benchmark's overhead crane services include...

  • OSHA required inspections (annual and periodic)
  • Rail surveys and engineering
  • Design, engineering and fabrication
  • System installation
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance
  • Electrical, mechanical, and structural upgrades
  • Operator training and certification
  • Distributor for many leading manufacturers

           Benchmark provides quality industrial millwright teams with the experience and training to complete projects effectively and safely. Benchmark provides solutions to a diverse customer base and specializes in the fabrication, installation, integration, and maintenance of facilities and complex equipment.

Benchmark's millwright services include...

  • Industrial construction
  • Scheduled mill maintenance shut downs
  • Machinery moving and installation
  • Precision machinery alignment
  • Structural steel installation
  • Industrial fabrication and welding
  • Process line modification and maintenance
  • Rigging and hoisting
  • General demolition and dismantle
  • Conveyor system design and installation

           Benchmark delivers experience and expertise by providing full project planning and management. An experienced team of millwrights know how to do it right the first time by developing detailed material and fabrication specifications that ensure accurate fit and timely installation. Benchmark provides the highest quality Industrial Pump Repair Services blending years of field and shop experience with innovative assessments and problem solving capabilities.

Benchmark's hydro services include...

  • Large valve repair, refurbishment and installation up to 20' in diameter
  • Customized body and disk seal replacement
  • Generator and turbine servicing
  • Cavitation repair
  • Inspection, upgrades, and precision alignment
  • On-site welding and machining
  • Repair of hydraulic and electrical control systems
  • Crane inspection, certification, installation, and maintenance
  • Machine shop support services and parts inventory for pumps, compressors, gear boxes, etc.
  • City of Seattle Power & Light Crane

  • Cascade General (OIW) 915 Ton Gantry Crane

  • Cascade Steel Rolling Mills Billet Crane Installation

  • Coffee Bean International

  • Northwest Pipe LA

  • Hanson Aggregate Dredge Pontoon Fab & Install

  • Portland, OR

    808 N. River St.
    (503) 771-2771

  • Seattle, WA

    1801 16th Ave. SW
    (206) 331-1217